Derek Weisberg & Matt Rebholz - Gallery Items In The Store

Posted by Jason Hsu on

This month in the gallery, two prolific artists – Derek Weisberg and Matt Rebholz.

Derek Weisberg creates expressive, figurative sculptures from ceramics and found materials. He has created a large body of work centered around a sleepy character with droopy eyes and heavy hands meant to be a self-portrait of his feelings of melancholy and loss. Derek states that he made this work to express his emotions that came from losing a loved one and confronting ideas of the afterlife.

Matt Rebholz’s work is rooted in a firm knowledge of the intaglio process, with a combination of monotype, hard-ground etching, and chine collé – creating a combination of subtle shades of tones and sharp line work. The prints illustrate a narrative of the Golem, and also hold their own as strong individual pieces. There is a beautiful hard bound portfolio case with the complete Golem series available upon request.

Also available are a t-shirts and bandanas from Matt and a show catalog from one of Derek’s previous shows, a great way to have a piece of their art at an affordable price.