New Prints From Andrew Jeffrey Wright

posted on April 16, 2009

Andrew Jeffrey Wright the “the man who put the ‘un’ in funny” just came back from his Do You Believe In Performance Art? tour and handed us a bunch of prints! How does he do it? Does he print in his sleep? Stay tuned to find out…

We just found out he printed them before he left on tour.

Also take a look—from Crystal Stokowski, new dresses to wear to the prom!

Alex Lukas Back in Stock

posted on March 24, 2009

Recently we asked Alex Lukas for more prints, we were like, this is embarrassing! The Pope just walked in dressed as a giant fat cat being held by a lady that looks like Ellen Degeneres and asked for a copy of one of your prints and we don’t have any! He didn’t believe us but he gave us some prints anyways.

New Items from Crystal Stokowski

posted on March 13, 2009

Whenever Crystal has a chance, she likes to boogie down to the Jersey shore and rip up the waves – once I saw her hang-ten on a long board while it was 5 feet in the air and then nail a shark in the nose on the way down, no joke. So check out her stuff already!

March Merch Madness!

posted on March 01, 2009

Andrew Jeffrey Wright has just unleashed a stash of prints and show posters that he’s been hiding in a magic drawer somewhere in his studio.

To celebrate a new start for the store we are offering a limited edition run of Mr. ET prints. Perhaps you’re a fan of ET – or – perhaps you are a fan of Mr. T, doesn’t matter this print is like an exponential enhancement of either singular character.

Check out the featured section to see a collection of Andrew Jeffrey Wright favorites and previously unreleased prints and posters.

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