Art Auction

Friday, December 10, 2021 at 8pm live on Twitch.

Andrew Jeffrey Wright and Rose Luardo will be giving you a tour of this year's auctions items in the gallery at Space 1026. A limited amount of tickets are available to attend in person, proof of vaccination or negative Covid test required.

All bidding will take place here on, you must create an account to place a bid. You may place a proxy bid with your personal limit for an item and bids will automatically be placed.

Part of the auction proceeds are going to support Zoe Strauss' extremely secret project. It is so secret we can't print a word on it - but you're gonna have to trust us - it's super important and supports the thinkers and artists of our future - maybe.

Space 1026 has continued to thrive for 24 years with the support of its members past and present, as well as those within the Philadelphia community. The annual Art Auction has always been a major calendar event - donations and attendance from the auction foster our continued existence as an art collective and DIY venue in a very crucial way. Space 1026 continues to provide affordable studio spaces, house a shared silk screen facility, and offers members a chance to be part of the Philadelphia art community while serving as a supportive venue for a variety of gallery programs and workshops

The Art Auction donations contribute to Space 1026 in a multitude of ways. They help sustain the Space 1026 gallery and studio facilities. They cover the cost of repairs, equipment and materials; they enable artists to create and print promotional postcards at openings for visiting artists; they supplement continued participation in group shows, and cover other costs necessary in hosting events throughout the year. The Art Auction also provides an accessible means for new audiences to discover and own unique artwork donated by members and supporters. 

As much as this is a fundraising event for us, it’s also a party for YOU, the community that has unwaveringly supported our DIY mission through all these fun and messy years. This event is a great opportunity for collectors both seasoned and just starting out, to get their hands on a piece of original artwork at an affordable price.

The Will Laren Memorial Community Auditorium is able to stay open in part thanks to viewers like you!