Monster size Monsters

Monster Size Monsters includes a collection of Adam Wallacavages’s brilliantly charged action shots of skateboarders, including Bam Margera, Tony Alva, and Robert Mertz. The 176-page book also includes photographs of several important artists of our time such as Barry McGee, Camille Rose Garcia, and art collectives Space 1026 in Philadelphia and Fort Thunder in Providence, Rhode Island. A forward by artist Jim Houser and an interview by artist Andrew Jeffrey Wright offer a fascinating look into the personality and artistic genius of Adam Wallacavage.

His photos are all informed by the colorful and dynamic style he developed as a skateboard photographer. “Shooting for skateboard magazines was the best education in photography I could ever have had, that and working at a one hour photo lab,” explains Adam Wallacavage. “I learned to set up lights and shoot in dangerous and illegal situations fast, so that I could get out before security guards or cops showed up to bust us for skateboarding.”

Monster Size Monsters , Adam Wallacavage’s first published book of photography, is an intriguing collection and introduction to the artist’s uncanny world. Fans of art and culture will enjoy Adam Wallacavage’s charismatic photos documenting everything from the absurd to the spontaneous in locations like Asbury Park, Coney Island, and skateparks and flea markets around the country. His eclectic portfolio includes images exuding elements of humor, irony, and bizarrerie. A reference section with miniature images and descriptions of all photographs by Adam Wallacavage is included.

In addition to documenting amazing moments in the evolution of these emerging art collectives, Adam Wallacavage has photographed seminal underground bands like Gwar, Slayer, and Turbonegro. His work has been published in ThrasherTransworld SkateboardingStrength and Slapmagazines. Adam Wallacavage is also a regular contributor to Swindle, artist Shepard Fairey’s influential pop-culture and lifestyle magazine.

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