Prints by Crystal Kovacs

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Who else but Crystal Kovacs can combine elements of blood, chains, and 80s pop with all the sensuality of Vanity 6, lingerie and Baroque sex-work? No one, you unsophisticated slob! Working with ideas that are outside of space and time, Crystal creates a bold dreamscape of slightly ferocious sexuality for the walls of your living space and your mind’s eye! Collect ‘em all! 


Anarchy Burger, hold the government 
This is a sexy leg destroying the fast food industry similar to the way fast food destroys our bodies and planet. *Also could appeal to fans of sploshing.

Eat the Rich
Are you hungry for the blood of capitalist pigs? All profits from this one go to Sisters Returning Home. A non-profit that helps Philadelphia women reestablish themselves after spending time behind bars.

She is peering out from behind the orchids and sees you.

Cat Fancy
Fancy Cats