Block Print Workshop February 12th

posted on January 31, 2016

If chocolate and songs don't work, block print for their affections! Carve your design and print your own Valentines and love notes. Ages 8+, children must be accompanied by adults. Materials provided and sweets included. $10  Sign up here!

Pain Parade

posted on January 08, 2016

By Mark Beyer and Emilia Brintnall
7" x 8 1/2" 
Signed Limited Edition 250
Risograph printed by Fume Room Press
Full color cover and black and white inside
24 pages

Saber the Light Sunday December 6th

posted on December 01, 2015


1:00pm to 4:00pm at Space 1026

Build your own controllable and programmable DIY light saber from scratch. There will also be Yogagami, the Japanese art of folding paper into a Yoda. Click here to sign up for the workshop! 

The event is all ages but is strongly suggested that Padwans partner up with their Jedi Masters (Kids bring a Parent or Guardian) It is also $35 per parent/child team, and you will complete one saber together

All the materials needed to make your very own Saber are included in the class price of $35 , including a laser cut saber, the LEDs, button, battery, and Arduino. All proceeds generated will be donated to Space 1026.

At the heart of the Project is the atmel attiny85 8 bit microprocessor. You might know it in its much more expensive version as the Arduino. No soldering will be involved as the majority of the project is made with jumper wires, a tiny breadboard and the wonders of the hot glue gun. For more advanced Jedis’ who are interested in learning the force fundamentals, we will be offering an explanation of how to program your own attiny85’s at home by using an Arduino Uno!!!

Danger/van Loon

posted on September 08, 2015

All of the unsold work from this month's gallery artists' are now available for purchase online.  Please note; DANIEL DANGER FRAMED WORK IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR SHIPPING, GLASS IS TOO FRAGILE.  We are able to ship the original clay board and all of Jacob's work.

Daniel Danger

Jacob van Loon



posted on July 20, 2015

Mat Tonelli and James John Small, both dealing in constructs of moments and the sublime, find new ways to push paint in directions that follow the footsteps of Abstract Expressionists, as well as drawing elements from those considered New European. The two have many dissimilarities in their process and inspiration, but their work somehow intersects at a point, which led them to collaborate not only in a joint show, but in the execution of works of art as well. If you wanted to label these works, you could call it landscape painting; a spontaneous, organic and fitting subject matter they showcase in X CROSS.

On view at Space 1026 until July 31, 2015

Contact to view by appointment

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